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Are National Guard Technicians Federal Employees?

A National Guard civilian technician is considered a State employee for USERRA purposes, although he or she is considered a Federal employee for most other purposes.

Is National Guard eligible for FEHB?

As a Federal employee, you are eligible to elect Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) coverage, unless your position is excluded by law or regulation. As a National Guard or Reserve member, you may be called to deploy at any time.

What is a National Guard technician?

These technicians are federal civilian employees who are required to maintain a military membership with a Guard unit as part of their employment. Technicians support the dual mission of the National Guard by training, administrating and maintaining the military forces for both State and federal responses.

How much is TRICARE in the National Guard?

Monthly Premiums

Sponsor’s Military Status Type of Enrollment
Active Duty Single: $11.65 Family: $30.28
Selected Reserve and IRR (Mobilization Only) Sponsor only: $11.65 Single: $29.12 Family: $75.71 Sponsor and family: $87.36
IRR (Non-Mobilization) Sponsor only: $29.12 Single: $29.12 Family: $75.71 Sponsor and family: $104.83

Do Army Reserves get insurance?

Medical Benefits: Reserve Soldiers and their families are eligible for affordable and low-cost medical, dental, and life insurance benefits. Tricare Reserve Select offers a monthly premium-based health care plan.

What is National Guard Title 5?

Title 5 is civilian status. Excepted service simply means the agency (National Guard) is exempt from certain rules in Title 5 USC. If it says “National Guard Title 5 Excepted Service Position” it means that you must be a National Guard member to apply. (Which means you have to be enlisted in the Army National Guard.)

What is dual status National Guard?

National Guard dual-status technicians are a unique type of federal employee. They are civilians who work for the National Guard. Their jobs range from helicopter, airplane, and tank mechanics to clerical and support workers. Technicians are also exempt from laws providing overtime pay, and other rights.

Can you have a federal job and be in the National Guard?

US Citizens and Federal Employees with status – Anyone or federal employees with status are eligible, but you have to join the National Guard.

Do National Guard get health benefits?

During the pre-activation period, service members are covered as “active-duty service members” and receive active-duty medical and dental benefits. Eligible family members are covered as “active duty family members” and can enroll in one of TRICARE’s Prime options or use TRICARE Standard and Extra.

How much do National Guard technicians make?

How much does a Technician make at Army National Guard in the United States? Average Army National Guard Technician yearly pay in the United States is approximately $45,000, which meets the national average.

How much do military technicians make?

Military Pay Technicians in America make an average salary of $38,735 per year or $19 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $45,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $32,000 per year.

When to change Tricare for activated National Guard?

Otherwise, TRICARE will enroll them in TRICARE Select. If qualified, TRICARE Prime Remote may also be an option. Activation is a Qualifying Life Event. This means that family members can change their coverage within 90 days of the date of the automatic enrollment if they qualify to do so.

Why is Tricare important to the National Guard?

Legislators said it creates “a financial incentive for transitioning service members to take their skillset and credentials away from the federal government, and penalizes those who choose to serve their country in a civilian capacity.” “Our National Guardsmen deserve affordable healthcare options,” Daines said.

Can a military technician be in the National Guard?

Be a member of the National Guard. Hold the military grade specified by the Secretary concerned for that position. While performing duties as a military technician (dual status), wear the uniform appropriate for the member’s grade and component of the armed forces.

Is there a bill to extend TRICARE to federal employees?

… Bipartisan legislation introduced in the House and Senate last week would extend TRICARE health coverage to part-time National Guardsmen and Reservists who for work for the federal government.

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