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Is Knothole Island Free?

One is called the Knothole Island free version, while the other one is the premium version. Both are downloadable contents that give the player lots of additional items, like the knight’s boots, gloves of the assassin, a weight loss elixir, and other amazing sought after items.

Is Fable 2 DLC free?

There is a Free & “Premium” version of both of these DLC’s on the Xbox 360 Xbox LIVE Marketplace (as of March 2020). I downloaded the free one and the quests are now available.

Does Fable 2 have DLC?

Fable II Downloadable Content (a.k.a. Fable II DLC and DLC) is extra content released by Lionhead Studios through Xbox Live. There is currently no downloadable content for Fable or Fable: The Lost Chapters. The Fable: Lost Chapters is actually an expansion to Fable.

How do you get another dog in Fable 2?

In order to get your dog back you have to have a villager follow you to the mausoleum. Once you arrive at the door with villager in tow the door will open and the villager will eventually wander in. The villagers tend to circle around the door a few times before actually going in the tomb.

Is Fable on PC Gamepass?

Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Fable Anniversary, MLB The Show 21, and More. We’ve got classics, even more PC games, touch controls, and more.

Does Fable 3 DLC?

Fable III Downloadable Content (a.k.a. Fable III DLC) is extra content released by Lionhead Studios for Fable III through Xbox Live, and previously, Games for Windows Live. In-game, the DLC content can be purchased from the Sanctuary Shop, in the Live Room of the Sanctuary.

Is Fable 2 on Game Pass?

Microsoft adds touch controls to Fable 2, Outlast 2, and 12 more Xbox Game Pass titles. Microsoft has added touch controls to another 14 Xbox Cloud Gaming titles for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, including Cities: Skylines, Outlast 2, Fable Anniversary, Fable II, Fable III, and more.

When did Knothole Island come out for Fable 2?

Knothole Island is the first Fable II downloadable content. Two versions were released, one for 800 Microsoft points and one for free. The free version only allows co-op play with someone with the premium version, you do not get to go to the island on your own. The content was released for download on January 13th, 2009.

Do you need to download Knothole Island for free?

If you want to play co-op with a player who has already downloaded Fable II Knothole Island content, you will need to download the Fable II Knothole Island (Free) pack, To play the new quests and enjoy the complete Knothole Island co-op experience, both co-op players must download the Knothole Island (Premium) pack.

Where to find the last Totem in Knothole Island?

Head over to Gordon at the Bowerstone Marketplace docks or go directly to Knothole Island using the menu. Talk with Chieftain again. The undecided inhabitants complain about the constant rain. Your task is to find the last totem, the Ice Totem. You will find it in the Storm Shrine, but before you go there, you gave to get the Storm Key.

How do you unlock quests on Knothole Island?

(Each quest is unlocked after completing a certain quest in the main story: First quest: After defeating Thag, Second quest: Right before the Crucible, Third quest: once you’ve unlocked Wraithmarsh) Unravel the mystical secrets of the weather shrine.

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