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What Grade Was Easy A In?

PG-13 for mature thematic elements involving teen sexuality, language and some drug material. 1 hour, 30 minutes. Directed by Will Gluck; written by Bert V.

Does Easy A have any bad scenes?

Although little action is shown, the subject of sex permeates the whole film, and there are lots of innuendoes/references and situations (including talk about losing virginity), as well as incidents in which kids judge one another. There’s also some swearing (including “s–t”) and allusions to underage drinking.

Why is easy Rated MA?

Parents need to know that Easy is a mature comedy series about adult relationships of all kinds. It contains strong sexual content, including simulated sex acts and nudity. There is some occasional arguing, and some episodes feature a lot of cursing.

Can a 12 year old watch bridgerton?

But for teens and even some tweens, the Bridgerton series on Netflix might be ok… depending on your family. For the most part, I’d generally stick with the TV-MA recommendation and say Bridgerton is best for kids 16 and up.

Is bridgerton suitable for a 13 year old?

Bridgerton is rated MA which means that it’s for mature audiences only. A TV-MA rating is usually reserved for TV shows which are suitable for adults and generally not suited for those under 17 years of age. That’s because it can contain graphic violence, crude language, and sexual content.

Can a 12 year old watch clueless?

This film isn’t appropriate for young kids — it contains drinking, drug use, and implied sex — but teens will love it. And it might even get them to read some Jane Austen.

Who is easy a in the movie Easy a?

Easy A ( 2010) Easy A. A clean-cut high school student relies on the school’s rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing.

What is the error code for easy a?

This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630) A clean-cut high school student relies on the school’s rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing. Take a look ahead at some of our most anticipated superhero movies coming in 2021 and beyond.

Is the movie Easy A based on a true story?

After a little white lie about losing her virginity gets out, a clean cut high school girl sees her life paralleling Hester Prynne’s in “The Scarlet Letter,” which she is currently studying in school – until she decides to use the rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing. Written by Sony Pictures

What kind of school is used in easy a?

The movie begins and ends with the blue sky and Screen Gems logo. See more » Q: What school is used in the movie? Q: Why is the film called Easy A?

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