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What Is The Purpose Of Underhand Serve?

The Underhand Serve: The purpose of the serve in volleyball is to have the first chance to attack. It is the only movement that is a closed skill and is solely dependent on the player serving (like a foul shot in basketball). Idea is to have students moving vertically and laterally inside court boundaries.

What is an underhand serve * Your answer?

Underhand Serve Underhand Serve – make a paddle with your hand. Hold ball out in front of your body with your nondominant hand. Use your dominant hand/arm like a pengalum, step forward with opposite foot and contact the ball out in front. (Use this when the ball is just about to hit the ground.)

What is the difference between an underhand and an overhand serve?

An overhand serve has more speed and power than an underhand serve but is often harder to control (or target where it lands). Players should practice and try to use it since the return for the opponents will be more challenging.

How many times are you allowed to hit the ball?

A ball may be played three times on one side providing the same player does not touch the ball twice in succession. EXCEPTIONS: A. A ball hit simultaneously by two team mates is considered as one hit, and either player may contact the ball a second time.

What are the five things to remember when performing an underhand serve?

Helpful Tips to Master Your Underhand Serve

  • Make sure you are aiming high enough. Don’t look at the net!
  • Have someone else watch you and give feedback.
  • Practice and don’t give up!
  • Serve from closer to the net.
  • Swing like you mean it!

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