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What Movie Is Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil Making Fun Of?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre In a comical parody of an iconic horror moment, Dale is seen frantically waving his chainsaw in the air, a sight which convinces the campers that he and Tucker are in fact, evil.

Who is the bad guy in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil?

Chad to Dale. Chad is the main antagonist of the 2010 horror/comedy movie Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. He was portrayed by Jesse Moss who played Wendy Christensen’s boyfriend Jason Wise in Final Destination 3.

Is Tucker and Dale vs. Evil scary?

Tucker & Dale vs Evil is a perfect blend of comedy, heart and horror.

How long is Tucker and Dale vs Evil?

1h 29m

Tucker and Dale vs Evil/Running time

Is there a sequel to Tucker and Dale vs Evil?

Based on Bowden’s comments, there aren’t currently any plans in the works for a Tucker & Dale vs. Evil sequel film, but that doesn’t mean there’s no future for the misunderstood pals.

Who dies in Tucker and Dale vs Evil?


Name Cause of death Killer
Mitch Impaled on a broken tree branch while running Tree
Todd Impaled with spear Himself
Mike Jumped into woodchipper Woodchipper
Sheriff Stabbed in head by board with nails N/A

How much did Tucker make Dale vs Evil?

5.7 million USD

Tucker and Dale vs Evil/Box office

How long is Dale and Tucker vs Evil?

Why was Tucker and Dale vs Evil Made?

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is built around the reconstruction of worn out horror movie tropes. By now, audiences are more than used to seeing a group of tormented teens fall victim to sadistic killers in the woods and Craig’s parody provides a fresh, funny take on the genre’s most notable motifs.

Is the movie Tucker and Dale a horror comedy?

Despite the film being a horror comedy, the violent content is very graphic and the deaths can be intense and disturbing for some viewers. A dog is threatened with a gun which may be difficult for some viewers. The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

What happens at the end of Tucker and Dale?

Tucker watches the report on the news while convalescing in the hospital. Dale enters and they discuss Tucker’s recovery. Tucker asks Dale whether he managed to invite Allison on a date and is happy to hear the two of them are going bowling.

Who are the Hillbillies in Tucker and Dale?

But this time, the hillbillies — Dale ( Tyler Labine) and Tucker ( Alan Tudyk) — are good-hearted souls who just want to spend some quality time in their new “vacation home” (i.e. a ramshackle cabin, formerly belonging to a serial killer).

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