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Where Did Dravidians Came From?

Present-day Dravidian peoples are of a mixed genetic origin, due to a mixture of indigenous South Asian hunter-gatherers, Neolithic west Asian early farmers from Iran, and steppe pastoralists. The third century BCE onwards saw the development of large kingdoms in South India.

Are marathis Dravidians?

Marathi is the southern-most major Indo-Aryan language of India and as such has been influenced most heavily by the Dravidian languages of south India, most especially Kannada and Telugu, with which it has shared long overlapping histories.

Are Dravidians Brahmins?

Dravida Brahmins (or simply Dravidulu) is a sub-caste of the Telugu Brahmins of Andhra Pradesh in South India, who migrated from Tamil Nadu in history.

Is Maratha low caste?

The Maratha are ranked lower under this classification than the above castes but are considered higher than the Kunbi, backward castes and castes that were considered ritually impure.

Where did the Aryans live in the ancient world?

Some theories suggest that Aryans were diverse group of people living in various areas of the ancient world including parts of Europe, Mediterranean, north western India and central Asia. According to a theory Aryans were considered to be ancestors of “some” Germans, Romans, Greeks, Persians,…

When did the Indo-Aryans leave their homeland?

Many assume that about 2000 B.C., the Indo-Aryans left the Proto-Aryan homeland. French archaeologist R. Ghirshman said that the Indo-Aryans left in two groups. According to him, the first group went to Northern Mesopotamia and the second reached India crossing the Hindu Kush.

Where does the term Aryan expanse come from?

The term Airyana Vaejah , which translates as ‘Aryan expanse,’ refers to the mythical homeland of the Iranian people and is supposed to be the center of the world. This engenders the term with a certain amount of respectability, but still does not really give any racial or hierarchical meaning to it. Zoroastrian devotional art. ( Public Domain )

How did the Aryans change the caste system?

As the Aryans expanded their influence, newly conquered groups were assimilated into society by forming a new group below the Sudras, outside the caste system.

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