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Where Do Meherrin Indians Live?

North Carolina

The Meherrin Nation is a state-recognized nation of Indians in North Carolina. To this day, the Tribe has remained in small communities near the North Carolina and Virginia border, primarily in Hertford County, NC.

What did the Tuscarora tribe eat?

The tribe ate a variety of foods including fish, large game such as deer and bears, as well as crops from their plantations. Corn proved to be the most vital crop of the Tuscarora, and tribe members specifically enjoyed crayfish.

What did the Waxhaw tribe eat?

They sat on deerskins and dined on stewed peaches and corn. He noted their practice of flattening their foreheads, and also that they owned the largest iron cooking pots either he or any of his English trading companions had ever seen.

Is the Meherrin tribe federally recognized?

The Meherrin received formal recognition from the North Carolina government in 1986. On the first week of October, an annual powwow is held on the tribal grounds between Ahoskie and Murfreesboro on Highway 11 North. For a more complete history of the Meherrin Tribe visit, www.meherrinnation.org.

What does the name Meherrin mean?

1a : an Iroquoian people of the Meherrin river valley in Virginia and North Carolina. b : a member of such people. 2 : the language of the Meherrin people.

How did early American Indians in North Carolina get their food?

They were farmers living in small villages. In addition to growing corn, squash, and beans, they hunted, fished, and gathered wild plants. Animal bones found in cooking pits and trash dumps show they ate deer, bear, raccoon, opossum, rabbit, turkey, and turtle.

What happened to the Meherrin tribe?

1761 Meherrins were incorporated into the Tuscarora Nation. Later, as the Tuscarora reservation was leased, the community disbanded and relocated, our ancestors moved back to the area of Meherrin Town. Today, most Meherrins have Tuscarora ancestry tracing back to the nearby Indian Woods Reservation.

What kind of people are the Meherrin Indians?

Meherrins are an Iroquois nation. We share allegiances, culture, traditions, and language with the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) and were even taken under the protection of the Confederacy in the nineteenth century. The Meherrins shared the same spoken language with the Tuscaora.

Where does the Meherrin Tribe live in North Carolina?

Many Meherrin can trace their ancestry to Sally M. Lewis (1838–1904), who sold several tracts of reservation land. The Meherrin tribal seat is Winton, North Carolina. The Nation’s residents principally reside in and around the “Little California/Pleasant Plains/Union” area of Hertford County, North Carolina.

How did the Meherrin Tribe help the Tuscarora Indians?

The Meherrins had close ties with neighboring tribes, the Nansemond Tribe, the Chowanoke Tribe, and the Nottoway Tribe. They were also allies of the Tuscarora Indians, and played a supportive role in the Tuscarora War, which lasted from 1711 to 1713.

What was the first language of the Meherrin?

The Meherrin are among the Native American tribes that traditionally spoke an Iroquoian language and as such, are connected in the distant past to the nations of the Iroquois League in New York around the Great Lakes. Today the first language of the Meherrin is English.


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