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Who Controls The Budget For Any Given State?

The state budget reform movement of the early 20th century somewhat reduced legislative control of state budgets in the interest of central policy direction and oversight, but the budget process remains central in all legislatures.

What does the Office of state budget and management do?

The NC Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) works in budget development and execution, management services, demographic and economic analysis, and technology and data services. It is responsible for the development, execution and monitoring of state agency budgets, providing agencies with analysis and accountability.

What are the responsibilities of the Governor of a state?

There are some significant similarities however. The U.S. system of governors originated from British colonial rule. In all US states, this person is the chief executive of the state and runs the executive branch of the government. He is the commander-in-chief of the military and is responsible for managing the state budget.

Who is the Budget holder in the budget?

Who is a Budget Holder? The person who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the budget is followed is known as the Budget Holder.

What is the process of the state budget?

State budgeting is a continual process—it does not stop with budget enactment. Throughout the budget cycle, states monitor expenditures (and revenues) to ensure funding needs are met and state resources are sufficient to fulfill spending obligations, and take mid-year actions when necessary.

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