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Why Are Sunflower Seeds So Bad For You?

Sunflower seeds are high in fat, mostly polyunsaturated fat. According to the American Heart Association , polyunsaturated fatty acids may help your heart. But that’s only the case if they’re eaten in moderation, and eaten in place of foods that are high in saturated and trans fats.

Do sunflower seeds have starch?

One-fourth of a cup of of sunflower seed kernels contains about 207 calories and 7 grams of carbohydrate. About half of the carbs come from fiber (nearly 4 grams) and the rest is starch. Since there is little to no sugar in sunflower seeds, they are considered to be a low-glycemic food.

Can we eat raw sunflower seeds?

You can eat sunflower seeds raw or buy dry roasted seeds with or without the shell. And since sunflower seeds have a good amount of fat, they can go rancid, so make sure to store them in an airtight container.

Do packaged sunflower seeds go bad?

For unopened sunflower seeds, they can last up to five months when unopened. When stored in the refrigerator, they can lasts for 12 months or more, as long as they’re sealed. Meanwhile, for seeds brought in bulk, the shelf life is two to three months.

What’s the best way to collect sunflower seeds?

Cover the sunflower head with a brown paper bag to protect the seeds from birds. Tie it closed with a piece of string to keep ripening seeds from falling out. Don’t use a plastic bag. Plastic won’t allow the flower head to breathe, causing mold to develop.

What foods are good to eat with sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds are popular in trail mix, multi-grain bread and nutrition bars, as well as for snacking straight from the bag. They’re rich in healthy fats, beneficial plant compounds and several vitamins and minerals.

Where do the nutrients in sunflower seeds come from?

Sunflower seeds come from the large flower heads of the sunflower plant. The edible variety has a mild, nutty flavor. Sunflowers pack many nutrients into a tiny seed. The main nutrients in 1 ounce (30 grams or 1/4 cup) of shelled, dry-roasted sunflower seeds are ( 3 ):

How long does it take for sunflower seeds to dry?

The sunflower seeds are ready to harvest once the back of the head turns dark brown and very dry. The drying process takes an average of one to four days, but it may take a little longer depending on how early you harvest the flower head and the conditions in which the flower dries. Do not remove the bag until you are prepared to harvest the seeds.

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