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Why Does My Fisher And Paykel Washing Machine Leak Water?

Water inlet problems can result in a Fisher Paykel washer leaking water if there is hose damage or a faulty water inlet valve. Inspect the water inlet hose for holes are tears that can cause leaks and replace the hose if it’s damaged.

Why did my washing machine Flood?

Water can leak from your washing machines if the door seal is misaligned or damaged. As with the door latch, overloading with clothes or using too much soap increases the chances of a flood or leak.

Can a blocked filter cause a washing machine to leak?

Can a blocked filter cause a washing machine to leak? Yes. Your washing machine pump filter needs to be checked and cleaned out every three months to avoid a blockage causing a leak. You’ll find the pump filter inside the pump filter access panel at the bottom front of the machine.

Can you flood a washing machine?

Washing machine floods can originate from various unseen sources beneath and around the base of the appliance. Water can even flood from the back of the unit to the front, running along the floor, if your washer is on a slanted surface such as a garage floor.

How do I get the water out of my washing machine that won’t drain?

What to Do When Your Washing Machine Won’t Drain

  1. Perform a Master Reset. Unplug your washer for about one minute.
  2. Test the Lid Switch Assembly.
  3. See if the Drain Hose is Kinked.
  4. Check the Drain Hose or Pump for Clogs.
  5. Clean out the Coin Trap.
  6. Check the Water Level Control.
  7. Schedule Washing Machine Repair.

How does the Fisher and Paykel AquaSMART washer work?

It is a “High Efficiency” machine utilising innovative technology to wash in less water and take great care of your clothes. The revolutionary, super water efficient wash action of your AquaSmart™washer means that it is no longer necessary to wash using a full bowl of water.

How to troubleshoot a Fisher and Paykel water machine?

Check the tap end of the inlet hose (s) for blockages. Inlet hose leaking, twisted or damaged. Check the inlet hose for leaks or damage. Check that the inlet hose is not twisted. Faulty water supply. Check taps that aren’t connected to the machine are working. Delay start maybe set.

How to take care of your AquaSMART washer?

Ensure you wear gloves, tip a small amount of household bleach onto a soft cloth and apply to the stain. Do not tip the bleach directly onto the low profile agitator. Be careful to avoid metal surfaces of your washer. Leave it to soak in for 10 minutes and repeat.

How often should you use the basket clean cycle on AquaSMART?

Your AquaSmartTM has a self cleaning cycle specifically for this purpose. We recommend that you use the BASKET CLEAN cycle after every 100 cycles. Your AquaSmartTM will remind you to do this (the BASKET CLEAN cycle icon will flash to alert you). We suggest that you do not have any items in the washer during this cycle.

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