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Imperial Presidency. term used to describe a president as an emperor who acts without consulting Congress or acts in secrecy to evade or deceive congress. What is a major power of the presidency? The Constitution explicitly assigns the president the power to sign or veto legislation, command the armed forces,Read More →

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federal courts only hear: Cases in which the United States is a party; Cases involving violations of the U.S. Constitution or federal laws (under federal-question jurisdiction); Cases between citizens of different states if the amount in controversy exceeds $75,000 (under diversity jurisdiction); and. Which jurisdiction gives district courts the authorityRead More →

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The competitive exclusion principle states that no two species can coexist if they occupy the same niche and compete for the same resources. What is Gause’s principle in biology? : a statement in ecology: two species that have identical ecological requirements cannot exist in the same area at the sameRead More →

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Differentiate between male and female flies. Males have dark, blunt abdomens, and females have lighter, pointed abdomens. Only males have sex combs, which are groups of black bristles on the uppermost joint of the forelegs. Females have an abdomen with several transverse stripes. Do flies have a gender? Fly gendersRead More →

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Liabilities are the amounts owed, such as the amounts that a company owes to its creditors. Example include accounts payable, notes payable, and unearned revenues. What must be subtracted from a company’s revenue to determine profit? Gross profit is the profit a company makes after deducting the costs associated withRead More →

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Basic principle of federalism; the constitutional provisions by which governmental powers are divided on a geographic basis (in the United States, between the National Government and the States). Those powers, expressed, implied, or inherent, granted to the National Government by the Constitution. How do we see federalism in laws andRead More →