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How Does August Obtain Purple Honey Secret Life Of Bees?

In the famous book “The Secret Life of Bees”, by Sue Monk Kidd, two of the main characters, Lilly and Zach, discuss how purple honey is made. Zach explains to Lilly: “When the weather turns dry and the flowers dry up, the bees start sucking elderberry. It makes a purple honey.

Is August a boy or girl in The Secret Life of Bees?

August is a warm and loving lady, skinnier than Rosaleen but still larger-than-life to Lily. As a young woman, August attended school and worked as a teacher, then she became a housekeeper in the home of Deborah, Lily’s mother, when Deborah was a child.

What does Lily decide to tell August in this chapter What is she afraid will happen as a result of revealing this information?

Lily says that she hates her mother, which upsets August. She feels very disappointed in her mother and tells August the story of her mother’s death. As their conversation ends, all Lily can think about is how her mother left her behind.

Why was Lily scared every time she heard a siren?

Listening, Lily decides one day she will touch the statue’s heart, and then tell August her true story. Eight days have passed at the Boatright house when Chapter 7 begins. Lily still jumps when she hears a siren because she is afraid it is T. Ray having her arrested and returned home.

Why does Lily hate her father?

As fans get to witness in later seasons, Lily resented her father ever since she was a kid due to his constant obsession with discovering the next big American board game, leading him to constantly neglect her.

How does August help Lily in The Secret Life of bees?

August helps Lily realize that everything she has been looking for all along has been inside herself, like a bud ready to bloom once she gave it enough water. Metaphorically, August has provided Lily with the water, and this conversation is like a dramatic reenactment of the water being poured.

What happens at harvest in The Secret Life of bees?

During the harvest, the bees flood around Lily, and she loses herself in thought about her mother. Lily is soon shaken back to alertness by August, who announces that she and Lily must speak about Lily’s background.

How did T Ray find Lily in The Secret Life of bees?

(He discovered Lily’s location by calling a strange number that appeared on his phone bill; Ms. Lacy answered, and told T. Ray about Lily. Confused by how much more mature she looks, T. Ray begins to yell at her as if she were Deborah. Frightened, Lily calls him “Daddy,” and he stops pushing her around.

Why did August not marry the man in The Secret Life of bees?

When Lily wonders why August didn’t marry the man, August explains that she cherishes her freedom too much to marry. In this and other conversations, August teaches Lily a lesson about making choices but also opens Lily’s mind to alternative life paths.

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