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Was There A Real Jim Hardie Wells Fargo?

Synopsis. Set in the 1870s and 1880s, the series starred Oklahoma native Dale Robertson as Wells Fargo special agent Jim Hardie, noted at the time as “the left-handed gun”. The character was fictional, but the series’ development was influenced by the biography of Wells Fargo detective Fred J. Dodge.

How many movies did Edgar Buchanan appear in?

Buchanan appeared in more than 100 films, including Texas (1941), in which he played a dentist and appeared with William Holden and Glenn Ford and later in Penny Serenade (1941) with Irene Dunne and Cary Grant, Tombstone, the Town Too Tough to Die (1942), The Talk of the Town (1942) with Ronald Colman and Jean Arthur.

When did Tales of Wells Fargo come out?

Tales of Wells Fargo is an American western television series starring Dale Robertson that ran from 1957 to 1962 on NBC. Produced by Revue Productions, the series aired in a half-hour format until its final season when it expanded to an hour and switched from black and white to color.

Who is Bob Dawson in Tales of Wells Fargo?

Hardie recognizes the man as an old outlaw, Bob Dawson. They strike up a conversation and introduce themselves. Bob tells Hardie that he is not wanted and is retired. At the auction Vivian Coy and a young man Hardie recognizes as The Sundance Kid bid against each other for the case.

Why was Bob Dawson locked up in Wells Fargo?

While there someone tries to rob the Wells Fargo office killing a sleeping man. The technique used is a copy of one Dawson used 27 years earlier so the Marshal wants to lock up Dawson. Jim Hardie makes a visit to his parolee Bob Dawson.

Who are the guest stars on Tales of Wells Fargo?

In the 1957 Christmas episode, titled “Laredo”, Jim Hardie must track gunrunners across the United States/ Mexican border in Laredo, Texas, a quest which keeps him from spending the holiday with friends as he had intended. Guest stars include Henry Rowland, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr., Karl Swenson and Pierre Watkin.

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