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What Did People Drink During The Gold Rush?

Sly Grog. Alcohol was a fundamental part of life on the Victorian goldfields. Part of the reason many miners turned to alcohol as their drink of choice was because the available water quickly became so foul and polluted that drinking it could prove lethal.

Why was life hard for women on the goldfields?

For many women, life on the goldfields was very difficult. They often had to face living in cramped dirty conditions Page 2 www.sovereignhill.com.au in small tents with few comforts. Obtaining fresh water was a constant worry. Infections were common and many women and their children died during childbirth.

What alcohol is in goldschlager?

Goldschläger is a Swiss cinnamon schnapps (43.5% alcohol by volume or 87 proof; originally it was 53.5% alcohol or 107 proof), a liqueur with very thin, yet visible flakes of gold floating in it….Goldschläger.

A bottle of Goldschläger.
Type Cinnamon schnapps
Country of origin Switzerland
Alcohol by volume 43.5%

What was life like for women in the Goldfields?

For most women on the goldfields, their daily life revolved around the routine of minding children, cooking, washing, and ironing as well as making bread, butter, jams, soap and candles, and mending and making clothes for the family. Primitive sewerage facilities created extra health hazards.

What did women and children do in the gold Rush?

There are several stories of women making more money selling homemade pies, doughnuts, etc. than their husbands made mining. Laundries, restaurants, lodging, mending, waiting tables, all paid good wages; some women made their fortune as entrepreneurs.

What foods did people eat during the Gold Rush?

Flour, a common and often costly staple, was stretched by combining it with sour milk and cornmeal to be eaten as mush. San Francisco’s famous sourdough bread became a staple food item during the Gold Rush.

What did the women do in the Goldfields?

Women who came to the goldfields would have done most, if not all the cooking for their family. Their increased knowledge of recipes, and determination to bring other forms of food with them would have made their cooking more popular than that of most male cooks.

What did people eat in the goldfields of Australia?

This letter by James Petford, held by the Gold Museum of Ballarat says much the same. His handwriting and spelling is very hard to decipher, so here is a translated excerpt: …The 2 pound coffee which cost 3 [pence] is now 6 pence. Meat according butter [now] 2 [and] 6 per pound and rising now. I do not know where it will end…

What did women do in the Gold Rush?

In the early years of the gold rush there were very few women at any of the goldfields. Some of the women were diggers, and some were shopkeepers at the diggings. Most women stayed home with their children, usually with very little money to live on, while their husbands travelled to live and work at the diggings.

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