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What Did Pericles Do For Athens Quizlet?

Pericles was the general of Athens after the Persian Wars. Pericles made Athens a more democratic city-state, he made Athens a center of learning and the arts, he rebuilt Athens and erected new monuments, temples, and statues, and he supported writers, artists, teachers, sculptors, and architects.

What were some of Aspasia’s accomplishments?

She established an academic center for the exchange of ideas, which served as a school for elite young women in Athens. Aspasia’s writing, and her knowledge of philosophy and local politics, drew the most powerful citizens in Athens, including notable writers and thinkers, to listen to her lectures.

Why did Prussia go to war against Athens in 490 BC?

The invasion, consisting of two distinct campaigns, was ordered by the Persian king Darius the Great primarily in order to punish the city-states of Athens and Eretria. The second Persian campaign, in 490 BC, was under the command of Datis and Artaphernes.

What did Pericles do to beautify Athens?

Pericles also used money from the Delian League to beautify Athens. He bought gold, ivory, and marble and paid many artists, architects and workers to build beautiful buildings and sculptures.

Who was Pericles and what did he do for the city of Athens quizlet?

After the Persian Wars, the leading figure in Athenian politics was Pericles. He guided Athens for 30 years, from 461, to 429 B.C., when he was first elected, until he died. He helped Athens dominate the Delian League. He treated other city-states like subjects, demanding strict obedience and loyalty, and steady taxes.

What was Aspasia’s role in Athenian society?

The most famous woman of Ancient Athens was Aspasia, the companion of the great leader of democratic Athens, Pericles. Because she was a courtesan, Pericles was not permitted to marry her, but in every way she was his partner and an important Athenian in her own right. Aspasia was probably a hetaira.

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