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What Ideas Do We Get About Freedom The Oppressor And The Oppressed From The Lesson?

Answer: According to Nelson Mandela, “it is necessary to free both the oppressor and the oppressed.” This means that when the person that is oppressed is free, the person that is free must release the oppressor because he believes that if the oppressor is not free, than everyone has the mindset of the oppression.

Does Mandela think the oppressor is free Why or why not?

No, Mandela does not think that the oppressor is free. According to him, an oppressor is a prisoner of hatred, who is locked behind the bars of prejudice and narrow-mindedness. A person is not truly free if he is taking away someone else’s freedom.

What ideas did we get about freedom the oppressor and the oppressed from this lesson How did Nelson Mandela get hunger for freedom?

Answer: Mandela realized in his youth that it was not just his freedom that was being curtailed, but the freedom of all blacks. The hunger for his own freedom became the hunger for the freedom of his people. This desire of a non-racial society transformed him into a virtuous and self-sacrificing man.

Which experience of oppression is referred here?

A. The experience of oppression of the blacks by the whites in South Africa has been referred here. B. The statement ‘ the sun shall never set here’ imply that the new morning of equality, liberty and brotherhood shall never end and the sun of justice will always shine bright in South Africa’s future.

What comes more naturally to the heart?

Answer: Love comes more naturally to the human heart than hate. According to Mandela, both the oppressor and the oppressed are the prisoners of hatred.

Which flame can be hidden but never extinguished?

Man’s goodness

“Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.” | Nelson Mandela Square.

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