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What Object Is Professor Slughorn Disguised As When Harry First Meets Him?


Slughorn was a complex fellow straight from the off: we were never quite sure what we were getting with the former Head of Slytherin, especially considering the first time we meet him in the books, he was disguised as a chair.

Why did Ron choke in the Half Blood Prince?

Harry Potter shoving a bezoar down Ron Weasley’s throat On 1 March, 1997, Ron Weasley was poisoned when he drank some poisoned oak-matured mead that was intended for Albus Dumbledore.

Which of Ginny’s spells caught the attention of Professor Slughorn?

Caught Professor Slughorn’s attention when she cast the seemingly difficult Bat-Bogey Hex on the Hogwarts Express in 1996. “Boy Who Lived”, “Chosen One”, son of Lily Evans, who had a particular talent for Defence Against the Dark Arts.

What drink did Draco poison?

Later in the school year, Professor Slughorn gave Ron Weasley a glass of oak-matured mead, after giving him the antidote to a love potion as a pick-me-up, unaware that the mead had been poisoned by Draco Malfoy via a bewitched Rosmerta, who had intended that the mead bottle reach Dumbledore.

What proved Harry was the rightful owner of number twelve?

What proved Harry was the rightful owner of number twelve, Grimmauld Place? He gave Kreacher an order, and the house-elf had to obey.

Did Cormac McLaggen have a crush on Hermione?

He was very annoyed when he was unable to find her. This indicates that while McLaggen was romantically interested in Hermione, she found him to be a rude braggart.

Why was Draco at Slughorn’s?

Harry Potter, Slughorn’s most welcomed guest, overheard a strange conversation between Professor Severus Snape and student Draco Malfoy during the party that made him suspect that they were conspiring on behalf of Lord Voldemort.

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