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Which Person Has Influenced Your Life The Most?

A Family Member—For most of us, parents and siblings have a huge impact on our lives. Answering with a family member is fairly predictable but also perfectly appropriate. Just make sure you can articulate the specific ways in which the family member influenced you.

What factors influenced you to become who you are?

There are three main influences on personality development that we are going to look at in this lesson. Those are heredity, environment, and situation. Heredity: This refers to the influences on your personality that you are born with. They are in your genes and there is not much you can do to change these traits.

What does it mean to be influenced by someone?

As a verb, influence typically means “to affect or change someone or something in an indirect but usually important way.” Something or someone that influences a person or thing, then, has an influence on that person or thing.

Why do people have an impact on your life?

They have the greatest influence in our life because they are the people we see the most and have known for the longest. They sacrifice many luxuries in order to give their children the best life possible.

Who is the greatest influence in my life?

Besides my father, there are a lot more people that has influenced me. Whether it is my teachers, who were trying to inculcate a wide exposure of education to me, or my bosses, whom I have met working a part time job, has allowed me to change myself for the better. I was able to step out of my comfort zone with them motivating to do better.

Why do people think other people influence them?

Invisible Influence is all about how sometimes seemingly conflicting motivations shape our behavior, and how by understanding the science we can all live healthier and happier lives. IS: Why do you think people are so reluctant to admit that they are just as impressionable as everyone else?

Who is the person who has inspired you in Your Life?

“The person who has inspired me in my life is my grandma. She passed away due to cancer, and during her time of going through chemo, she encouraged me to connect with people as well as being compassionate because we can build each other’s self-esteem as well as reinforce the sense of identity.”

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