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Why Did Jen Disappear From The Little Couple?

However, the reality stars didn’t move out of the area because of the natural disaster. Rather, the real reason The Little Couple moved to Florida was because Jen got a major career opportunity at a hospital there; the neonatologist was offered a job at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg.

Is there a season 14 of The Little Couple?

The Little Couple: Season 14 (2019)

How old is will from the little couple now?

How Old Is Will Klein? You may not believe it, but he is now 11 years old. Will was born in China on February 24, 2010, which means he is a Pisces on the zodiac chart.

How old is William on The Little Couple?

The neonatologist, who turned 47 on March 10, gushed over the incredible memories they have made while celebrating a special occasion in February. “Happy Chinese New Year to all!” she captioned her latest Instagram portraits including Will and Bill, 46.

What does Bill Klein do for a job?


Bill Klein/Professions

And, in 2011, Klein founded Rocky and Maggie’s, Inc., the pet store in Houston that caters to clientele in the Highland Village area. Add to that Klein’s work as a reality star on “The Little Couple” and his credit as the co-author of two books, and you have one busy bee!

How old is Zoey from The Little Couple 2021?

The Little Couple fans wish Zoey a happy birthday. Now, Zoey is a happy, healthy 10-year-old young lady.

Will there be a season 15 of the Little Couple?

The Little Couple Season 15 is yet to be announced by TLC. Receive automatic notifications when The Little Couple Season 15 release date is announced.

When is the little couple returning to TLC?

The Little Couple has a very big announcement to make. Actually, The Little Couple has TWO very big announcements to make. First, the TLC series is heading back to the air (following a legal dispute we’ll delve into below), with stars Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein announcing new episodes of their family’s program will premiere on September 19.

Is the Little Couple TV show returning?

‘The Little Couple’ Is Returning With A Big Change. After a long wait because of network drama, the infamous Little Couple Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein have confirmed they are returning to TLC with the ninth season of their hit series, but that isn’t the only big news they have.

When is little couple season 13?

See the status box below for the latest Season 13 of The Little Couple return date news: The Little Couple Season 13 Premiere Date — October 9, 2018. Don’t miss the release of The Little Couple: bookmark this page or subscribe below to get free weekly release date alerts!

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